Custom Cooling

Air Wise Sales Inc. Cooling systems can be as simple as using an off the shelf split condensing unit tofully custom/factory-designed/built/tested and as complicated as the process required.

  • Any heating source packaged with cooling
  • Piped, wired, and changed
  • Chilled water or glycol coils, DX refrigeration
  • Variable or constant air volume, make up air, heat/vent applications
  • High quality, high flexibility, reasonable cost
  • 2 to 1000 tons of DX cooling
  • Multiple compressor for higher turndowns
  • Ultra quiet systems utilizing the German Made Zeil-Abbegg Condenser Fans
  • Digital scroll with up to 10% turndown
  • Hot Gas reheat Systems
  • Full -40 deg F Low Ambient cooling
  • Let us help you with your commercial to Heavy industrial design requirements

Calgon Carbon Project Pennsilvania, 170 Tons of Custom Cooling, HeatWheel, Carbon Filters, (4) Fan Array, Modulating Scroll Compressors, Hot Gas ReHeat, 95% Modulating Gas Furnaces, Zeil-Abbegg Condenser Fans Full Factory Integrated DDC Control System.

Multi compressor, factory piped, note the custom colour request from the client:

Split System with off the shelf Condensing Unit all skid mounted:

Standard Condensing Fan Array:

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