Our Custom Options

As a fully custom manufacturer of air handling units (AHUs), we are capable of building AHUs with a variety of configurations, components, and materials to meet all our customers’ needs.

Industry-leading capabilities

You can trust that your high-quality equipment is backed by an experienced team, a reliable and collaborative process, and industry leading capabilities.

Listed below are some of the custom configurations and options offered by Air Wise:

  • Foam insulated panel (1”, 2”, and 3”)
  • Fiberglass insulated panel (2” and 4”)
  • Neoprene insulated panels
  • Thermal break construction
  • Single, side-by-side, and stacked air tunnels configuration
  • Structural steel channel or formed galvanized channel base
  • Galvanized, stainless steel, and aluminum construction options
  • Solid and perforated liners
  • Roof curbs (standard and plenum curbs)
  • Custom paint
  • Galvanized, stainless steel, and aluminum coil racks
  • Outdoor construction with siding
  • Intake hoods and louvers
  • Certified indirect gas-fired burners (TBI-Series)
  • Certified direct gas-fired burner (MN-Series)
  • Hydronic coils (NJ-Series)
  • Electrical heater (NJ-Series)
  • ETL Certified Electrical panels (Single Point Power Connection available upon request)
  • Packaged/factory mounted stand-alone DDC Controls
  • Fully custom controls system to meet BMS Sequence of Operations
  • Controls (BACnet MSTP/IP; other communication protocols are available)
  • Lights and receptacles
  • VFDs (Harmonic & VT/DT Filters are available upon request)
  • Humidification (STS, GTS, electric, and adiabatic)
  • Sound reduction (silencers, perforated liners)
  • Fan array
  • Motor removal I-Beam
  • Pleated, cartridge, bag, and HEPA Filters
  • UV and Ionic air purification
  • Air Blenders
  • Knock-down constructions
  • Service corridors, vestibules, and platforms
  • Coil drops complete with balancing valves
  • Hydronic coils
  • DX coil with a remote condenser
  • Packaged air-cooled DX condenser
  • Packaged water-cooled DX condenser
  • Heat pump
  • Packaged chiller
  • Evaporative media
  • Dehumidification (desiccant and re-heat options)
  • Digital scroll compressors with up to 10% turndown
  • Full -40 degree F low ambient cooling
  • Heat wheels (VFD and by-pass options)
  • Heat pipe systems (face and by-pass option)
  • Plate heat exchanger (by-pass option)
  • Run-around coil loops
  • High efficiency enthalpy core heat exchanger
  • Belt and direct drive fans
  • ODP, TEFC, and U-frame motors
  • Integrated airflow measuring station
  • Seismic 1” or 2” deflection spring isolation
  • Inertia bases
  • Casing leakage testing
  • Inhouse or third-party acoustic testing
  • Panel deflection testing

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