Custom air handling unit at the Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester Institute of Technology


Air Wise Inc. built custom AHUs for a new construction build at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). The facility included a sound sensitive theatre, as well as space for other student groups and activities. Air Wise produced a total of five AHUs for the project, in conjunction with the general contractor, which ranged from 6,000 cfm to 33,000 cfm in size. Air Wise worked with both the general contractor and the client to redesign the AHUs in order to comply with the owner’s specific requirements. The design criteria were especially stringent for sound requirements and noise levels. As such, the sound of the AHUs was a major factor in our design and build of these units, as well as establishing a low leakage rate. The units also had energy recovery features to enhance energy efficiency, in addition to a thermal brake, which ensures the cold air inside does not make the unit’s metal casing cold and create condensation on the exterior of the unit.

Client: J.W. Swansons & Associates
Location: Rochester, New York

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